What People Say

~ Teaching ~

“The Alexander sessions had a noticeable impact on reducing my pain level. The follow-up exercises taught me to use my body in a way that means I don't put undue strain on my back. Since taking these weekly classes, I'm now able to do things that I was unable to do when I started. I appreciate benefiting from Juliet's experience and would recommend her without hesitation. ' Virginia Sanders
“Juliet Shelley is an excellent Pilates instructor and gifted teacher. She has a deep knowledge of her craft and a sharp focus on the correct technique to get results. She is passionate about her work and compassionate towards her clients and students. I recommend her.' Brian Benson
“Juliet has a genius for correcting and supporting her clients with gentleness and tact, ensuring that we undertake our exercises in perfect form. She is an excellent, precise communicator and demonstrates with precision and grace. I trusted her gentle, thoughtful approach and was grateful for his respect for my pain. Now, in my recovery, she supports me tremendously as I unlearn old habits and strengthen underused muscles.’   Anne French
“You have presented the material in a way that is both rigorous and accessible. You have provided students with a very solid foundation and have pushed them into new territories. I was amazed at how comfortable they seemed with weight sharing and physical contact at the end of the workshop. Your stable connection to your own presence and your commitment to the teachings enabled students to encounter and overcome their own discomforts. I believe that the work you have done with these students will be an important source of learning for each of them and will greatly influence their work throughout the next year and their transition to university. Thanks again.'
Eric Kupers, California State University East Bay, USA
“I had my first taste of Contact Improvisation dance during a workshop led by Juliet. It was a transformative experience. Her teaching style is inspiring and her depth of knowledge is extraordinary. ‘ Damian Manu
"It was a fabulous lesson this afternoon. Well paced and meaningful instructions that taught me something about my relationship to the land, the sense of movement and playing well with others. Thanks. ‘Clare Szabo
“When Juliet comes in, the room lights up.’ Anne French


~ Performances ~

“Shelley's tense, controlled phrases are like syllables in a carefully composed movement poem. Thus, the choreography becomes musical, and the music becomes kinetic. Each note of the violin dances in dialogue with the dancer.’ Sam Trubidge
“Fascinating and haunting.. very cohesive and interesting..’ Deirdre Tarrant
“Very smart and silky movers..’ Jennifer Shennan
“Your exploration was open, curious, intelligent and compelling and I found myself drawn to your sense of embodiment and presence which you openly allowed the viewer to witness. Andrew Jary
“The audacity and ingenuity of the improvisers was a revelation. ‘ Jenny Stevenson
“An electric dynamo…Juliet took the show to a new level. ‘Dianne Reid.
“Compelling text, paired with deft movement makes for a thought-provoking piece..” Fiona McNamara
“A very rewarding 55 minutes. ‘ John Smith