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Receive 30% off your first private, individual Alexander Technique class!

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Enjoy 30% off your first Alexander Technique class!

Enjoy the benefits of an Alexander Technique class with expert, focused, and personalized instruction at a unique discounted price.
Discover the ease of movement, the restoration of energy, the feeling of lightness and the exquisite mind-body connection the Alexander Technique can bring.
Bring your goals, your wishes, your questions and what you would like to achieve.
I'll design a safe and effective program that targets the areas you want to work on with lasting results.

See you in class soon!  Juliet


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« Ce fut une leçon fabuleuse cet après-midi. Des instructions bien rythmées et significatives qui m'ont appris quelque chose sur ma relation avec la terre, le sens du mouvement et le fait de bien jouer avec les autres. Merci.» Claire Szabo