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Mat Pilates classes ~ private and individual classes

Mat Pilates classes ~ private and individual classes

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Practicing Pilates daily can be life-changing: it provides injury prevention, daily maintenance and general body conditioning for everyone, young and old, including athletes, mothers, artists, students, traders, administrators , professionals. 
Pilates can:
 *Improve strength, flexibility and coordination 
*Reduce back pain 
*Improve posture and alignment
*Improve balance and concentration
*Promotes relaxation and release of tension
*Benefit pregnant women and mothers by providing a safe, effective and impact-free exercise system
*Reduce stress levels by focusing on movement, breathing and well-being at all levels
*Offering a path to inner balance and harmony through a finely tuned body
*Provide cross training benefits and increase fitness levels
Duration: 60 minutes

Reservations, payment and location

Classes take place at 24 rue de la Chine 75020 Paris
Metro: Gambetta line 3
Appointments: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
Classes are paid for here on this site in advance.
Reservations and information:
+33674732304 or

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