Collection: The Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique helps you change the way you move and respond so that tension and pain are reduced and your body returns to a more balanced state.

Your teacher will:

  • Observe the way you move while sitting, standing, walking.
  • Provide tools and ways to help you move in a new way.
  • Assist you with gentle manual guidance to develop new habits of moving.

With the teacher’s guidance, the pupil develops an awareness of the subtle relationship that exists between their mind and body. They learn to notice their immediate responses and to choose how to respond to them. In the process of creating a space to choose how or if to respond, a pupil or client may ‘unlearn’ or ‘undo’ what may be not be helpful for them and discover new ways of moving.

Juliet is certified as a teacher of the Alexander with the UK Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and graduated from the Alexander Teacher Training School in England with Dick and Elizabeth Walker in July 1994.  The Walkers learned the Alexander technique under FM Alexander.  Juliet has been teaching private classes in the AT since 1995. She has worked in medical centres, health centres and privately in the community since that time.

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